Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shorter Hillary: It's Time For These Republicans and Lyin' Benghazi Families to 'Move On'

Guy Benson

Okay, perhaps that's an uncharitably strident headline, but let's face it: "It's time to move on" has been the de facto Democratic Party slogan on Benghazi from the moment the attack took place. They understood the potential political ramifications of a deadly terrorist attack -- including the assassination of a sitting US ambassador -- on the anniversary of 9/11, so they set out to manipulate the public's understanding of the coordinated terrorist raid, casting it as a spontaneous protest gone tragically awry. It was nothing to the sort, which they knew for a fact almost immediately. Clinton mouthed one story in public, while addressing reality with unambiguous clarity in private. Days after the bloodbath, she lied to the victims' grieving families. They specifically recall her repeating the Internet Video fiction, even as contemporaneous evidence proves she knew she was peddling a falsehood:.......To Read More......

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