Monday, June 27, 2016

School Superintendent Receives $787,500 Severance Package After Being Fired for THIS

By Dave Jolly

If you were to be fired from your job for negative performance, do you think you would get a severance package valued over three-quarters of a million dollars? I know I wouldn’t, but Valeria Silva is.

Silva has been superintendent of the St. Paul, Minnesota, school district since 2009. During her tenure, school violence has been on the rise and a number of people blame her and her policies. Apparently, Silva is a fan of the Pacific Educational Group, a radical San Francisco consulting firm that concentrates on fighting white privilege at the cost of black and Hispanic students. They encourage schools to use less drastic forms of discipline on minority students instead of suspensions and expulsions which ruins their records.

Since Silva began using soft discipline to keep problematic students in school, the number of violent incidents, including physical attacks on teachers, has been increasing. Teachers have been injured trying to break up fights among students.

In December 2015, one teacher was severely injured by a sixteen-year-old student, when the teacher tried to break up a fight. That teacher has now filed a lawsuit against the district for failure to provide a safe working environment......To Read More....

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