Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SCOTUS Ruling Proves Progressives Care NOTHING About Women’s Health and Safety

By Pamela Adams June 28, 2016

SCOTUS Ruling Proves Progressives Care NOTHING About Women’s Health and Safety

 Just two weeks ago, the country mourned the deaths of 49 men and women senselessly massacred by an Islamic extremist. Progressive Liberals such as President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton immediately used the opportunity to push their agenda, once again spewing their mantra of, “If we can save just one life, gun control would be worth the cost.”
The cost is not only our freedom with the irradiation of the Second Amendment, as history has shown us, it will also be millions of lives.
We begin this week with those same anti-gun activists cheering and praising the Supreme Court for ensuring women all over the country have the right to slaughter their unborn children. They didn’t care that the Texas bill was designed to put safety restrictions on abortion clinics, just as they claim their precious gun control would do to gun dealers. It is irrelevant the legislation was implemented to make sure the clinics were performing abortions with qualified doctors at properly equipped facilities......To Read More.....

My Take - Everytime I see this picture it breaks my heart.  We've lost our sense of moral outrage, our sense of right and wrong, our sense of justice, and our sense there is no God and there's no need to worry "their innocent blood cries out from the ground" to him.   Is it any wonder we've lost our minds - we've abandoned the very moral foundations that created this nation.  Can a nation abandon that which made them great and last?   

As I watch the my world swirling out of control I often wonder if the Romans felt the same way as they watched the insane antics of the Emperors and ruling class of Rome as the Empire came crashing down on them.  In a nation of three hundred million people the top three candidates running for President of the United States - one is pretty much an open communist who might give you rabies if he bit you - the second is an incompetent, vicious, arrogant, stupid woman who would be in jail if what she's done was perpetrated by anyone else - both of whom have never held a real job with any success and without being on the government feed trough - would be broke.  And finally a cad who I find personally distasteful with the only redeeming quality is he at least has accomplished something of value in his life without being in government.

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