Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another civil war on its way, thanks to the media

Janet Mefferd, host of “The Janet Mefferd Show,” a radio program heard coast to coast, has more discernment in her vintage mic than most reporters have in their entire newsrooms.    Recently she tweeted: “Left won’t stop Muslim ‘refugee’ flood to U.S. just b/c small % are violent jihadists. But they apply reverse logic to try to nix 2nd Amend.”
Yes. Exactly.

In the crazy world in which we live, there are daily reminders that a good portion of the population is not playing with a full deck. Man-on-the-street interviews reveal a populace that is woefully ignorant of major issues. A certain number of Millennials believe there are magic money trees that sprout up in fairy gardens, and the money can be used to pay for everything; everything is free.  I’m even shocked at the lack of in-depth analysis of the Marxist policies of Bernie Sanders, who this year was a serious candidate for the presidency.

Where is the outrage?

We are witnessing – living right in the whirlwind – mass deception, perpetrated by the government.
The attorney general scrubs jihad language from the Orlando jihad attack. The president openly lies about everything from Gitmo to the economy......Read more

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