Monday, June 27, 2016

Are This State’s Voters Preparing to DUMP Common Core?

By - From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

Activists in Massachusetts say they’ve gathered more than enough signatures to place a referendum concerning Common Core on the ballot this fall, meaning Massachusetts may become the first state to vote directly on whether to keep the math and science standards.

The group End Common Core Massachusetts announced Thursday night that it collected over 30,000 signatures in its petition drive, well above the 10,792 required to land a spot on the ballot.

The group’s proposal would require Massachusetts to abandon Common Core and return to the math and English standards it used prior to 2010. It would also require the state to establish a committee of college professors from the state, which would have the power to veto any new standards the state creates if it believes they are not equal or better than those currently used in the world’s most economically advanced nations......To Read More.

My Take - Just how bad is Common Core?  If the Soviet Socialist State of Massachusetts wants to dump it just how good can it be?  Common Core must be a disaster? 

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