Thursday, June 30, 2016

Is this Red Cross poster racist? Just ask Whoopi


The American Red Cross issued an unusual apology Monday regarding a recent poster it created and distributed that advises children to be safe — and “cool” — around swimming pools this summer.
The poster was uploaded to the Red Cross’ swimming safety mobile application as well as various swimming pool venues around the United States.

Under the campaign called, “Be Cool, Follow the Rules,” the poster depicts several children swimming and others playing around the pool. Some of the misbehaving children are identified on the poster with an arrow that says, “not cool” — while two other responsible children are labeled as “cool.”

While that message might not seem controversial, some have complained that the way each group of children are depicted is offensive. The reason, they say, is because all the misbehaving children appear to be minorities and the well-behaved kids are white.......To Read More.....

My Take - Well, what do you know!  Whoopie "felt angry".  She's has long been a member of the Club For The Galacticly Stupid right along with the rest of that gaggle of goofy geese on that rediculous show - and since the audience on that show is always applauding their stupid comments - they're all complimentary members. 

As for he Red Cross - what a bunch of cowardly curs.

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