Monday, June 27, 2016

The GOP's Death Wish

By Brian C. Joondeph

Conventional wisdom in June is that Donald Trump will not only lose the White House, but also cause the loss of the GOP-controlled House and Senate.  Never mind that conventional wisdom over the past year has been the imminent implosion of Trump for any one of his "over-the-top" comments and that he would not even be the nominee.  Karl Rove promised us that Trump wouldn't be the nominee.  Ted Cruz told us much the same.  But that was before he secured the necessary number of delegates.  Still, the issue isn't settled.

Here we are at the beginning of summer with Trump as the "presumptive" nominee. The word presumptive is important, at least on the Republican side.  There is no talk on the Democrat side over whether or not Hillary Clinton will be the nominee, despite an ongoing FBI investigation and a possible indictment in her future.  There are no prominent Democrats mounting a #NeverHillary movement. No talk of Democrat delegates or voters "voting their conscience." No – those self-destructive behaviors are strictly the providence of the GOP.

One would think the Republican Party should be rejoicing.  Their presumptive nominee garnered more GOP primary votes than any previous candidate.  An enthusiastic and engaged Republican electorate is something to celebrate, especially compared to the last two election cycles, where the base was lethargic, with many holding their noses to vote for John McCain or Mitt Romney. No one had to hold his nose to vote for Trump.  There were 17 talented and accomplished candidates to choose from, any of whom would be an improvement over the current president and better for the country than Hillary Clinton.  Those who did not like Trump could and did vote for Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, or any of the other candidates. Yet Trump prevailed.......Read more

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