Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why the Left Hates Referendums

Dennis Prager

One of the common laments of leftist commentators in Europe and America concerning Brexit is that holding referendums is a bad idea.  The most frequently expressed example is the contempt in which the left holds British Prime Minister David Cameron for having suggested the referendum in the first place.  But why would the left hate referendums? Doesn't it claim to represent "the people"? Isn't "power to the people" one of the most popular sayings of the left? Isn't the American left trying to abolish the Electoral College precisely because it isn't directly representative of "the people's" will?

One would imagine, therefore, that if anyone would welcome referendums it would be the left.  So, what gives?  The answers explain a great deal about the left.  First, the left cares about "the people" as much as the Soviet Communist Party cared about the workers. For the left, real people are either political fodder or, when they support the left, useful idiots.

The left loves power, not people.  Repeat: The left loves power, not people.  If that is not understood, the left is not understood......To Read More......

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