Monday, October 9, 2017

Why the EU can never accept an independent Catalonia


Such is the terrifying gravitational power of the European Union that it has pulled even Nigel Farage into its orbit. The anti-EU campaigner, who is almost always angry about something or other, made a speech in the European Parliament last week in which he raged at the Brussels authorities for their silence over the repression of the independence referendum in Catalonia. "It is quite extraordinary to realize that this [European] Union is prepared to turn a blind eye," he told fellow MEPs.

Catalan leaders are saying the same thing, of course, but there's a difference. Almost all Catalan political parties support a politically integrated Europe. It is natural for them to look to Brussels, which they see as a sort of supranational capital. Farage, by contrast, has spent his whole career arguing that Brussels should keep its nose out of the internal affairs of its member states.............

The EU, in short, has every reason to feel threatened by Catalan separatism, as by all separatisms. Once you accept that people are better off living under their own laws, the intellectual case for European integration collapses.........To Read More.....

My Take - The EU was doomed from the beginning.  It's an unelected government bureaucracy in control of it's member governments.  In short - It's like having the employees of a company tell the boss how to run the company, and all the while imposing rules that are directly antithetical to the health of the company.  In this case the "company" is Europe. 

No country can withstand adversity when there's no common unified social paradigm and no common language or shared perception of who they are.  They are in effect tribes within an artificial social boundary presented as a nation.  And they're felling oppressed.  This is only going to get worse, and the real issue that will trigger what I believe will be a European wide civil war is immigration and the Islamification of Europe.   

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