Monday, October 9, 2017

NFL: It’s “Taking Back Our Taxes” Time!

By Monica Morrill

Sean Hannity focused on the numbers pointing out, “the average public subsidy for a NFL stadium is $266 million taxpayer dollars. Since the year 2000, it is estimated $3.2 billion in federal taxpayer money has gone to help build private sports stadiums. Then you factor in local, and state funding for stadiums; well that number grows to $5.9 billion and $6.7 billion, that’s over just the last 20 years. And if that’s not shocking enough, well there’s the ‘NFL’s Paid Patriotism’ scandal."

In the latest controversy sweeping the nation, politics has now saturated sports.

It’s known that Democrats have failed in capturing the White House, the U.S. Congress, and the Supreme Court. The narrative of accusations against President Trump by the Left has fallen short of obtaining Democrats’ desired result and now, they are entering the sports arena, unchartered territory.

 Never has America seen sports become so politicized........On the Hannity Show, Sean Hannity emphasized that if the NFL has such disdain for the American way of life they should remember who is providing the subsidy “that’s given players, by the way, and owners, the opportunity to make millions, and even in some cases, billions of dollars; then it is time to stop taking handouts from the American taxpayers. I doubt you’ll hear this elsewhere in the media,” he stressed............Read More

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