Sunday, October 29, 2017

Unions Make Excuses for Teachers Skipping School

by Frederick M. Hess September 25, 2017
Teachers with excessive absences cause problems for their students, and their peers need to acknowledge this.  Last week, a new study reported that 28 percent of teachers working in traditional public schools use sick days or personal leave to miss more than ten days of school each year. The analysis, authored by David Griffith of the center-right Fordham Institute, found that the comparable figure at charter schools was 10 percent. Meanwhile, Griffith noted, the typical U.S. worker takes about three and a half sick days a year. The disparity between district schools and charter schools occasioned much comment, given what it says about the effects of collective-bargaining agreements and differences in culture across the two sectors. But at least equally noteworthy was how teachers’-union leaders chose to respond to the analysis..........Read more at:
My Take - Ten days a year may seem extreme, but I'm not so sure that's unfair.  For those who've been reading P&D you know I've been beating up on teachers, their unions and the entire mess we call public education.....but this time.... I'm willing to take the teacher's side because their job means they're being exposed to every virus coming down the pike daily for all those kids.  They're bound to be sick more than the average worker.  I'm willing to say I think this attack is a bit unfair, unless they can show where this is being abused - then make the connection.   

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