Monday, October 9, 2017

Iraq Invites Its Own Demise

By Jacob L. Shapiro Oct 9, 2017

As the political organization of the Middle East continues to deteriorate, some countries are starting to form new relationships with old enemies. Last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan paid an official visit to Iran, a regional competitor that has backed different militant groups in the Syrian war. In a joint press conference after the meeting, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Turkey, Iran and Iraq will work together to ensure that the region’s political borders do not change. The following day, Iraq’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Iraq had officially requested that both Turkey and Iran close border crossings and halt all commercial transactions with Iraq’s Kurdish region after Kurds there voted in favor of independence in a referendum last month. The disarray in Iraq has gotten so bad that Baghdad is looking to Turkey and Iran for help controlling its Kurdish population.

Strange Bedfellows

The notion that these three countries would find common cause on any subject is counterintuitive. Turkey and Iraq have been at each other’s throats in recent years, and as recently as December 2015, they were involved in a protracted diplomatic spat over Turkish deployment of troops and armor in Iraq without the permission of the government. The Turkish troops were there ostensibly to help train Kurdish peshmerga to fight the Islamic State. Turkey also routinely bombs militants from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party – Turkey’s own Kurdish rebel movement – in northern Iraq without permission from Iraqi authorities. In effect, Turkey is announcing its intention to help defend the territorial integrity of a country whose integrity it regularly violates......To read more the post Iraq Invites Its Own Demise appeared first on Geopolitical Futures.

My Take - As the article points out later Iraq was one of the strongest countries in the Middle East but is so weak now they hope Iran and Turkey can fix their internal problems.  Foolish!  These people all hate one another.  However, the question not asked and not answered is this:  Why are they so weak now? 

In the Middle East the answer is now and will always be the same answer: In any Middle East country - a strong tyrannical dictator is what makes them strong.  That's their societal paradigm now, it was their societal paradigm yesterday and it has always been their societal paradigm and as long as Islam - in whatever form they may subscribe - exists as the dominant philosophical force in these countries.

Islam is like socialism, and have much in common.  Both have forever failed those who subscribe to it - or have it imposed on them by force - and yet untold millions still cling to them, espouse them and demand all others embrace them. 

Is it any wonder I think they're both insane!

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