Friday, October 20, 2017

Paul Driessen's Comments on the Next Article

David Wojick has written a perceptive article that is especially important right now – because EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is in the process of rescinding the Obama era Clean Power Plan … evaluating the prospect of establishing a “Red Team” to assess the scientific validity of many Obama EPA decisions and regulations … and considering the need to rescind the “Endangerment Finding.” That pseudo-scientific finding claimed that plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide causes dangerous climate change that endangers the health and welfare of all Americans.

As David notes, the Red Team approach could also be used to critique the deceptive and alarmist “Climate Science Special Report” that made extremely alarmist claims about what is supposedly happening with Earth’s climate and weather. The report blames nearly every climate shift and weather event on fossil fuel emissions. It is scheduled for final release in the near future, and could be treated by radical environmentalists, politicians and media outlets as dispositive on all climate issues … unless it is accompanied by a tough Red Team critique.

His timely article could have a significant impact on EPA and White House thinking on these topics. Thank you very much for posting it, quoting from it, and forwarding it to your friends and colleagues.

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