Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Kimmel Secretly Adds More Security After Calling for Gun Control… Then James Woods Steps In

In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, late night host Jimmy Kimmel has taken the mantle as Hollywood’s top gun-grabbing celebrity. Overnight, his teary-eyed rants against Obamacare repeal turned into teary-eyed rants against the Second Amendment — and he became again the darling of the media.  However, as it turns out, his rants have led to confrontations with pro-Trump demonstrators, leading him to secretly increase security at his shows. Because, after all, why should a big shot like Kimmel be forced to interact with anyone who disagrees with him?

Gossip website The Blast reported that “ever since Kimmel re-ignited his campaign against the Republicans’ health care proposals, the comedian has had some issues with protestors at the show.”...........This is the hypocrisy of the elite left, whether it be in Hollywood or Washington. Most of them spend their entirety of their lives secured by people with guns. Yet, they’re utterly convinced everyone who isn’t them should have their right to self-defense severely qualified, if not eliminated completely. James Woods merely pointed out the glaring hypocrisy..........To Read More......

The 3 Massive Lies Jimmy Kimmel Told About Guns After LV Massacre… Everyone Needs to Read This



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