Friday, October 6, 2017

Regulations and the Loony Bin From Non Sequitur

By Rich Kozlovich

It's my opinion Non Sequitur is the most intelligent cartoon to ever appear.  However, initially when I started following this whole anti-gravity protest series I thought he clearly saw this issue regrading demands of the loony left for insane regulations which are and were blatantly unscientific. 

Their unending demand for loony regulations that are intended to destroy our ability to generate cheap easily available energy as in Global Warming regulations and treaties along with sustainable energy schemes - both are perfect examples.

Not to mention restricting the world's ability to grow sufficient food for the world's growing population with anti-GMO schemes and regulations, and their demands to "go natural" and promote "organic" agriculture.   But the worst of all are the anti-pesticide regulations, many based on the Precautionary Principle.  The end result of that drive has been untold hundreds of millions of people have either suffered, continue to suffer or have died unnecessarily. 

As it turns out this actually seems to be a protest against Trump and not about the wacky left - as can be seen in the last panel - which is disappointing, since it's the left who claim they're the ones who love science versus conservatives - who they claim are too stupid to know good science when they see it - but when we look at what they support and what they oppose - reality tells a different story. 

I posted these cartoons anyway because they're an excellent example of how the loony left operates.  Take what you will from them what you will, but understand this - no matter how they may "frame" their arguments with logical fallacies and outright lies - the proof is in the pudding.  People die from their polices - which is exactly what they want.  That sounds extreme, but the reality of the Watermelon Movement is world domination and less people.  That's history and that history is incontestable.

Truth is the sublime convergence of history and reality. 




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