Saturday, October 7, 2017

Is Big Brother Trying to Enforce Climate Orthodoxy?

By H. Sterling Burnett October 6, 2017 Climate Change Weekly #264
When a journalist, activist, scientist, or government watchdog who had been exposing misdeeds of the Russian government or President Vladimir Putin dies mysteriously, no one is really surprised anymore. It is sad, tragic, and criminal, but it is not unexpected in a country where free speech has never really been on firm footing and the government is not truly bound by the rule of law.
When journalists or whistleblowers are thrown in jail in Egypt or Saudi Arabia for offending the powers that be, usually accused of fomenting revolt or blaspheming the prophet, around the world there is an uproar in the press and in some nations’ capitals, but no one is really shocked – these non-western countries have long histories of jailing political dissidents or those who support causes not popular with the government.......To Read More.......

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