Monday, October 9, 2017

German Alt-Right Surges and Dominates the Former Communist East

By Taylor Rose

Though there is unlikely to be any major change in German policy, for the moment, the AfD’s surge, especially in the former East Germany, suggests a massive psychological shift amongst average Germans, in a country haunted by guilt from the Second World War.

The results of Germany’s elections are truly historic. After almost two years of battling between establishment “conservatives” and populist nationalists across Europe and the U.S., the amazing breakthrough of the Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) into parliament, going from zero to 94 seats, represents a startling political achievement and one of the greatest psychological shocks to the cosmopolitan elite that rule the West.

Though scoring a fourth term is not to be taken likely, Chancellor Merkel’s victory is overshadowed by not only a massive surge in right-wing sentiment throughout Germany, but also accompanied by a monumental political shift to the right-wing in Merkel’s home region, the former Communist East Germany where the AfD dominated the polls..........Read More

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