Saturday, October 14, 2017


"The truth isn't unkind: It's just the truth."

Dear Readers,

My regular readers will have noticed I've not been posting for a few days, and with a few exceptions, this will continue through October and possibly November. I'm working on a project that's become difficult in the research and the volume of information I already have that I need to sift through.

In recent years I've been reading more but reading fewer books. I keep ordering them but I don't get to them nearly as quickly as I like.....some have been there for more than two years. Right now I have 14 books on my shelf I need to read. I just finished four others this last six weeks, and will be working on my reviews. I set a goal to read a book a week, but I'm finding that to be more difficult than I thought. Having a job really interferes with my life.  So that means something has to give.  I've decided doing my web searches and reading all that information to decide what to post is too time consuming and the only thing I can cut out at this time.   

Paradigms and Demographics is meant to be profound and provocative, but I find my posts are more provocative and less profound when I don't have the proper balance between reading articles and commentaries versus reading books. I'm sure that balance is subjective and varies with individuals, but I typically see the world a little differently than most others and find I need to read more books in order to present to you what I firmly believe is reality over spin and propaganda - the truth.  Books give far more depth and substance to any subject, not to mention the insights you acquire allowing for better and expanded research, and for better presentation.   

Thank you for your interest in Paradigms and Demographics. 

Best wishes,



  1. I'm afraid you're reading the wrong books, Rich.

    I appreciate your goals, as well as the energy you put into educating yourself and your audience, but the science on AGW is as clear as anything I've seen in forty years of internal medicine. There's really no rational argument to be made against it.

    I've already apologized to my five beautiful grandchildren for the world we're leaving them. The choices they'll have to make in their lifetimes will be terrible beyond anything we've known- and I was in Da Nang all through the war.

    My best regards,
    Dr. Bob

  2. Dr. Bob,

    Actually, I knew long before all the information came out about the foolishness of the Hockey Stick Graph and the failing computer models, false predictions and the East Anglia scandal that Global Warming wasn't anthropomorphic. How? I read a lot of history and I knew about the Medieval Warming Period, and only later learned of the Roman Warming Period. Both periods were substantially warming than it is now. And Greenland was very green at that time.

    The records of the Viking's agricultural practices are extant and show they lived the same kind of life styles as did the Vikings in Iceland and Norway, and only left when the Little Ice Age struck - from which we have yet to recover.

    The question I ask everyone is this: If it was substantially warmer 1000 years ago than it is now - and it was - did any of the terrible things they're predicting for today occur then? Answer: There's absolutely nothing in the historical record to show any of the disasters they're predicting for today occurred then. Then I ask: If it didn't happen then when it was substantially warmer than it is now - why should we believe any of that is going to happen today? And the answer is - we shouldn't.

    Thanks for your interest and best wishes to you and your family.