Saturday, April 1, 2017

You Gotta See This!!!

By Rich Kozlovich

In days gone by I wasn't all that impressed with Tucker Carlson and I always wondered why he was kept on the news networks.  But I will say this - it's clear to me now he was far more impressive in the background than on the shows he was involved with.  It's now clear to me he didn't have the right platform.  He's in his right element now with the right platform, and he will become the big dog at Fox.  

What's great is there's no end to the number of leftist loons who think their smart and capable, so he's never going to run out of loons to humiliate. 

But as becomes clear in this interview - they don't answer the questions asked, they spew out logical fallacies to change the narrative, they won't stop talking, and they're always insulting the intelligence of those debating against them.  

Logical fallacies are all the left has to offer!

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