Thursday, April 20, 2017

Racist California College Students Demand Censorship of Conservative Speakers, Deny “Truth” Exists

By Andrew West April 19, 2017

California could a story such as this even occur, as racist college students attack the First Amendment, conservatives, and the truth all at the same time.

California itself is in the middle of an existential crisis of identity.  The liberal stronghold has been in the news far more in recent weeks than ever before, as left-leaning fascist millennials continue to tear down anyone who dare opposed their progressive viewpoints, going so far as to suggest that handguns should be carried by anti-Trump protestors in the state.

The latest nonsense to come slithering out of the Bear Republic is absolutely infuriating, as a group of student leftists have demanded that Pomona College take “action” against a conservative author scheduled to speak on campus, claiming that the “truth” is no longer an objective concept.......To Read More.....

My Take - I hate having to repeat this so often - but, here goes.  Fascism is the right wing of the socialist movement and communism is the left wing.  But they're still two sides of the same coin.  So when these leftist terrorists and hypocrites shout all this clabber they're merely demonstrating their ignorance, along with the media.  Do some know the facts of this matter?  Sure!  But what has that to do with leftist demands?  Lies and propaganda are the life blood of the left and anything that refutes their lies must be destroyed, otherwise the left cannot exist.  Leftism and truth cannot exist at the same time in the same sphere. 

Leftism is a cancer to the mind and poison to the spirit, and academia is the breeding ground for this everywhere in the free world.  The first thing that needs to be done for tax reform is end all support of all universities, stop any student loan programs by the federal government and force them all to become for profit institutions.  That will end the over priced tuition's everywhere, the over staffing of administration and the ridiculous salaries and benefits for they and the teaching staff who don't teach but let Teaching Assistants to the job for them.  Will many go out of business?  Yes!  Any industry that fails to do their job properly goes out of business and they should.  Education, especially higher education, needs to be treated as an industry.  But most importantly - this will have a big impact on ending the insanity of leftism at the institutions which will be left.  
We need to get this also - especially this.  Leftism cannot compete in open competition.  That's why all leftist schemes must be subsidized, and why promoters of leftism resort to intimidation and eventually violence.   Lies, fear, hate, envy and greed are the moral foundation of leftism. 

Is it any wonder they hate truth so much?

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