Saturday, April 15, 2017

Millennials’ views on communism: All the proof you need on education system’s abject failure

By Nicole Russell April 13, 2017

Call it the latest in proof positive some Millennials are hell-bent on being ignorant and brash, but they did all they could to live up to their poor reputation earlier in March. A group of Millennials denigrated the Victims of Communism (VOC) Memorial on Capitol Hill, taking photos of themselves flipping it the middle finger, then posting and bragging about their slimy conduct on social media.......To Read More......

My Take - Fortunately these loons don't represent the trend among  Millennials.  However, education isn't their problem, the abandonment of Christianity is.  They're committed to the secular religion of Socialism. 

Judaic/Christian principles are what made the West great.  When the West abandoned Christianity for secular humanism they created a void.  We're clearly designed to "believe" and when the adults abandon their belief system the children will find one because it's a biological imperative to "believe".  Now they "believe" and at some point may "Feel the Bern", just as they're "Feeling the Bern" in Venezuela. 

Which brings me to the real issue with these misfits.  If what they're experiencing in America is so bad why aren't they moving to a "People's Paradise" like Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China or any number of socialist states?

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