Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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Klayman: U.S. Should Not Bluff If We Are Not Ready to Militarily Take Out North Korean Leadership and Nukes!

US Sends 2 More Aircraft Carriers to Korean Peninsula
By Theodore Bunker Newsmax April 18, 2017
The United States has added two aircraft carriers to the growing number of ships headed to the Korean Peninsula, The Daily Mail reports.

South Korea's Yonhap News Agency first reported that the USS Ronald Reagan, currently in Yokosuka, Japan, and the USS Nimitz, now under assessment in Oregon, will leave for the Sea of Japan next week. China and Russia have reportedly launched "spy vessels" to follow the ships, according to The Yomiuri Shimbun in The Japan News, citing unnamed sources in the Japanese government........Continue Reading.....

My Take - During the Vietnam War I served aboard the USS Chicago, a heavy cruiser that had been converted to a guided missile cruiser, in the Gulf of Tonkin. While there the USS Pueblo was captured by the N. Koreans and as our line period ended we were sent up to Korea to rendezvous with the USS Enterprise, at - if I remember this correctly - the 38th  parallel. We then proceeded to N. Korea far outside of Wonson harbor where the Pueblo was taken. 

The Admiral wanted to pick and choose his targets.  The problem with N. Korea is the whole country is pretty much a military installation and picking and choosing is difficult, and it turned out we were – as the N. Koreans touted – saber rattling.  And it may be so now. 

There're some big differences this time.  Russia's no longer a player in this game and the Chinese are far more concerned with international trade than they are with keeping the mad mini Mao in power.

But as the journalist said - We'll see!

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