Monday, April 17, 2017

Jewish Values Restored

By Avrohom Gordimer

Steve Apfel’s "Jewish Values Gone Haywire"depicts Jewish people who, like members of so many other ethnic and social groups, bend over backwards to further the interests of those whose values clash with their own, and often are downright wrong. While I agree with the author’s condemnation of this tendency among some of our liberal coreligionists, I submit that we must now turn to the question of "Where do we go from here?" It is true that there is not much we can do on a pragmatic level, other than to educate that the liberalism that is rightly condemned in Apfel’s essay is not the way of authentic Judaism, but let's take a step back and reconsider the larger picture.

I addressed this overall phenomenon from a general perspective in my essay "American Jews Are Becoming More Conservative," but I’d like to now focus on some compellingly solid facts on the ground – facts that deal with worldwide Jewry and not only the scene in America.......In England, a seismic change has occurred, as Jews have aligned themselves with the Conservative Party.......While Apfel wrote about Obama’s Jewish supporters, readers should note major patterns of shifting toward the Republican Party among American Jewish voters. (Also see here.)........Those Jews with little or no connection to genuine Jewish values are destined to lose their way.........More

My Take - Well, I really like it when the rest of the world catches up to me.  On October 23, 2016 I posted this article, "Why Are Jews Democrats?"  I said:  "Everything the Democratic Party stands for is antithetical to Judaic principles.  I've concluded these secular Jews have substituted leftism for Judaism as their faith of choice, and no matter what course the party might take they feel it's an act of heresy to vote otherwise.  That is - in my opinion - why Jews are Democrats.  It's a secular faith based initiative for Jews." 

I didn't need a bunch of studies to come to that conclusion.  I merely looked at the one place in America where Jews are solidly conservative - in the middle of New York City.  And who are those Jews?  Orthodox Jews!  Jews who take their Judaic values seriously.  At some point even the non-religious Jews will finally realize the left, is now and will in the future, willingly sacrifice them in a heart beat to Muslims.  At some point leftist Jews will become pariahs among Jews in most of the western world. 

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