Sunday, April 2, 2017

Feel the Bern: Back from the brink? Venezuela reverses its congressional ‘coup’

Venezuela’s Supreme Court Saturday reversed a controversial decision that stripped congress of all its powers, as international pressure had been building against the socialist administration.
El Universal newspaper reported that the court had published two “clarifications” including one that said that the National Assembly will maintain its legislative functions.

On Wednesday, the same court had said it would assume all legislative functions as it claimed the opposition-led congress was illegitimate for being in contempt of previous court rulings......To Read More.... 

My Take - It turns out President Maduro wants "the courts to review their decision in order to “maintain constitutional stability.”'  Amazing! I always find it amazing how leftists who've flagrantly abused their governments Constitutional restraints and safeguards are all of a sudden worried about those rules, safeguards and restraints.  Obama and his miserable band of leftist miscreants are an excellent example of what happens when the criminals are out of power. 

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