Sunday, April 9, 2017

EPA Getting Its Just Deserts

Thomas Gallatin Apr. 6, 2017

A recent headline in the LA Times reads, “At Trump’s EPA, going to work can be an act of defiance.” The article focuses on complaints from Environmental Protection Agency employees who find themselves in a state of despair “with morale plummeting … since President Trump took office.” Evidently, numerous employees at the agency have been calling former EPA California regional office director Jared Blumenfeld looking to find work elsewhere. Blumenfeld says, “The number one call I get everyday is, ‘Jared, can you help us find work somewhere else?’” There were also reports surfacing days after Trump’s inauguration of EPA employees “coming to work in tears.” ......... Trump’s agenda is to cut the bloated bureaucracy down to size and challenge what has become an increasingly leftist bent within the agency. That could downsize the agency’s workforce by some 3,000. .........

The EPA has been the schoolyard bully for far too long and with Trump effectively hitting the agency in its proverbial nose, its career bureaucrats now seek sympathy as they sit and cry about how unfair life is...........To Read More..........

My Take - Cutting this monster down by 3000 isn't nearly enough.  Elimination - that's the answer.  Please review Dr. Jay Lehr's five year plan to dismantle EPA.  Oh, by the way. He was one of the founders of EPA. 

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