Saturday, April 15, 2017

Did Dr. Dao Deserve What He Got?

Dr. David Dao got beaten up on a United Airlines flight.  He was misbehaving, shouting and ruining the equanimity of the plane.  He was a danger to the other passengers.   With all the terrorism and horrors  on planes who could blame United for yanking Dao off the plane?  If my daughter was sitting next to his hysteria I might have punched him in his obstreperous face. He was narcissism flailing.
Dao was being disruptive and belligerent.  This is particularly egregious on a plane with its history of hijackings and crashes.  It’s time we cared more about the innocent passengers than about hysterical  Dao. The liberals who sympathize with Dao remind me of Obama setting serious felons free. People like me who have been to jail laugh at liberals who protect us.
Appeaser Spicer said, “I don’t think you can’t sit back and say this could have been handled better.”  Yes, it could have Spicer.  Dr. Dao could have not thrown a fit. He could have been given a jail sentence for almost starting a riot.  Looking at Dao’s record his license was suspended in 2003.  He was charged with unlawfully prescribing and trafficking in drugs. He was serving five years’ probation. This may or not be true.  The real problem is that he threatened the other passengers and shrieked like a hyena.
I think the CEO of United, Oscar Munoz, should stop apologizing.  Dao deserved what he got and more.  He was a crybaby who endangered others.

My Take - I've two minds on this. 

My first mind was, as I watched the video - as did millions of others - I saw and heard a maniac screaming like a wild animal and fighting against the police.  I  had begun to think  I was the only one who saw it in this fashion after reading and hearing the news....until now.  I think this author's description of events is a far clearer reflection of reality than what's been presented in the news. 

As I watched it over and over again I kept asking myself what would I have done if they had coerced me to get off the plane?  I would have walked off on my own power and then I would have definitely given someone an earful.  But I would not have fought with these people - and I don't think many, if any, of the others on that plane would have done so either.  The man acted like an insane person.  

My second mind on this is - I'm in total contempt of United and any other airlines that pulls this crap.  Worse yet - it wasn't for paying passengers - it was for United employees flying standby in order to get to a flight they had to take on another day.  That's outrageous!  Are we expected to believe these few United Airlines employees were the only ones available to service that flight?  Surely there had to be someone somewhere that could have been made available.

So, do I think Dao or United got what they deserved?  Yes!  They both did, and  in an odd sort of way we have a maniac to thank for his insane actions as he brought this outrageous policy to the attention of the public, and this will go a long way to fixing this. 

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