Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Devastating Consequence of Denying that All Lives Matter

Lloyd Marcus

I'm in a Georgia hotel room with my wife Mary. We're here from Florida, campaigning to stop Jon Ossoff, the Democrat Trojan horse leftist candidate from taking the GOP congressional seat. This weekend, I watched Netflix on my computer; a documentary, "Night Will Fall." It chronicled the unbelievable inhumanity in the Nazi death camps. Oh my gosh, I was not prepared for what I saw.

Even now, I am welling up just thinking about it. How could human beings do what the Nazis did to other human beings? There were warehouses filled with huge sacks of human hair, large piles of human teeth and eye glasses of Jews they murdered or starved to death; hills made of hundreds of thousands of skin and bone dead bodies. How could they? Dear Lord Jesus, how could they? It occurred to me. This is a glaring example of what happens when one group of people believe the lives of another group of people do not matter. And yet, this is exactly what the deplorable satanic organization Black Lives Matter is advocating. BLM minions are outraged whenever anyone dares to say "all lives matter.".........More


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