Thursday, April 20, 2017

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Elizabeth Warren's book says socialism will work like it's never worked before
April 19, 2017
Liz Warren's new book, This Fight Is Our Fight, says ordinary folk could do better economically if we only had more government control and less individual freedom. More 
Democratic Committee chairman Tom Perez was booed by Democrats in Maine Monday.  Might that have something to do with how his party treated Bernie Sanders? More

Words That May Never Be Heeded
Paul Gottfried
A certain hyperbole and obscuring of the full truth are seen as necessary to advance the kind of society that progressives want us to embrace. More

Chelsea Clinton’s desperation for attention gets pathetic
April 19, 2017
It must be tough being Chelsea Clinton, despite the ten-million-dollar apartment. More


K-12: Quacks Rule Bruce Deitrick PriceIt's been like this since the '50s.  That's why public-school kids still can't read, with public-school adults not much better. More
Go to Bad Schools, Go to Prison: The Teacher Union's Dirty Little Secret R. Claire FriendExperts in education and corrections have observed a correlation between reading proficiency in the third grade and incarceration.  More
Since when did people start going to college to get stupid?
April 18, 2017
Guess who asked the question.  You might be surprised. More

LA's sneaky elites cook up new way to undercut charter schools – and fool no one   
April 19, 2017
Parents weren't fooled by Los Angeles's school bureaucrats' new scheme to halt charter schools – by making them as bad as public schools. More

Fixing Government 

Interior Department Takes Steps to Make America Great Again H. Sterling BurnettThe Interior Department under new secretary Ryan Zinke has quietly gone about implementing Trump’s vision. More

Foreign Policy

When Will Useless Foreign Aid Spending Just End? 
Armando Simon
Foreign aid is a drain on taxpayers and only serves to entrench corrupt bureaucrats and regimes. It's time to get rid of it entirely. More

State Department says Iran in compliance on nuclear deal, but a review of the agreement is underway           
April 19, 2017
Secretary Tillerson still insisting Iran is the leading state sponsor of terror in the world. More


Wife-beater's delight: Authorities shield abuser from justice to keep him from being deported
April 19, 2017San Jose authorities let a horrific wife-beater off the hook on the grounds that convicting him might get him deported.  Has it really come to this? More

Mexico to mejicanos: 'Tu casa' is still 'tu casa'
April 19, 2017
Mexico will have a lot of trouble welcoming deportees back.  More

Jews Who Killed the Holocaust? Harry Ben-Zvi and Gidon Ben-Zvi
Thanks to the leftist fanatics in Hollywood and the Anti-Defamation League, Holocaust fatigue may be setting in. More


Could North Korea Destroy the US? Daniel John SobieskiThe nightmare scenario of an America sent back centuries in time before electricity has grown unnervingly closer with the presence of two North Korean satellites with orbits over a blissfully unaware USA. More

Where and Why the MOAB Falls Flat Ned BarnettThe "Mother of All Bombs" was the perfect weapon for President Trump to use in Afghanistan – but it would make for a fiasco against Kim Jong-un. More


MSNBC contributor deletes horrifying tweet
April 19, 2017
I am trying to figure out how a rational grown-up could tweet such a thing. More

Delicious irony: Liberal writers may strike over Obamacare insurance costs
April 19, 2017
"Schadenfreude's a bitch, ain't it?" More

ISIS: The Embodiment of Islam Shari Goodman
Contrary to what the many apologetic Muslims in the West offer as an aberration of Islam, ISIS is the militant jihad required of Muslims by quranic doctrine. More

Mired Yet Again in the Swamp of Afghanistan
Michael Curtis
Afghanistan, the destroyer of empires, has once again snagged the troops and resources of a United States fighting global terrorism. More

Police and media downplay or deny obvious Islamic terror roots of Fresno shooting spree
April 19, 2017How stupid do they think we are? More


Stewards of the planet
April 19, 2017
If the universe is teeming with life, then "Where is everybody?" More


Trump’s Incomprehensible Strategy in Syria          
Tim Colvin
The Trump administration has moved 180 degrees on Syria over the course of this month.  Is this really the best plan? More

Honoring Frank Buckles and America's World War I veterans - 4/19/17 April 19, 2017Our nation has failed to honor the memory of the nearly five million American men and women who served their nation during the Great War. More

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