Saturday, April 1, 2017

After Latest Insults – Israel Cuts Funding for the United Nations, will the USA Follow?

By Onan Coca March 31, 2017

Israel may have finally found a way to strike back at the United Nations (UN) for the constant stream of insults and attacks that flow from the world governing body toward the tiny Middle Eastern nation. However, the tactic can only work if their closest ally, the United States, gets on board.

After the most recent round of hypocritical, and insulting attacks from the UN, Israel’s leaders have decided to slash funding to the organization. Emmanuel Nahshon is a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry office and he explained that following the two most recent anti-Israel votes from the UN, Israel had decided to cut “2 million dollars from its U.N. dues, given the anti-Israel votes at UNHRC.

The money will be used for development projects in countries” that are supportive of Israel, instead of on an anti-Israel body like the UN. Israel normally pays about $11 million to the UN each year, so the cut in spending is just under 20% of their normal dues. However, that cut comes along with a previously announced cut of $6-7 Million… Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official government Twitter account tweeted confirmation that Israel would be withholding money from the UN......To Read More....

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