Sunday, July 26, 2015

We’ve Gone the Wrong Way Baby II: Women and Guns

Resa WARCHICK Kirkland

I think I missed a memo in my journey through womanhood. I mean, at what point did being female become synonymous with being anti-gun? As I’ve pondered that question, I’ve come to the conclusion that it must have been somewhere around the time that society began kow-towing to the feminist tendency to abandon logic and reason in favor of the emotional free-for-all that has come to define these Stalinist Suffragettes.  And like the rest of feminism, this one makes absolutely no sense. It is just as annoying, outrageous, and perilous to society as all their other narcissistic ideologies have been. Leave it to feminism to blame an inanimate object for animated behavior.

The argument against guns raised by these Shrieking Sheilas is right in line with leftist lingo. Given the horrendous and horrifying increase of children who commit violent crimes against each other and adults in the past 30 years, these self-styled paragons for the pre-pubescent scrambled to place the blame anywhere but on themselves. After all, their battle cry--Mrs. Lovejoy style--of "Won’t someone puhlease think of the children?" …..To Read More….

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