Thursday, July 30, 2015

Highlights From Jim Geraghty's Wednesday Morning Jolt

GOP Leadership in Congress Can’t Keep Ignoring Conservative Frustration. 

The major accomplishment is . . . a trade bill? What happened to all of that talk about forcing President Obama to veto popular legislation on a regular basis? Why did they go along with the Corker agreement, requiring only 34 votes to sustain the Iran deal? Why all the hesitation to have a vote on defunding Planned Parenthood? Why is Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell backing a reauthorization of the Export-Import bank? Are we really supposed to be excited about a long-term highway funding bill?  There’s the old saying, “If you aim at the king, you had better not miss.” And that’s true -- but if you aim at the king and miss, the king learns that some people out there are mad enough to take shots at him -- and maybe he takes steps to address that….. (Editor's Note: There's truth to the king analogy, but Boehner isn't a King.  He may be playing the role, but every two years he has to beg people let him continue to playing the role. RK) 

Democratic Firm to Media: Don’t Show Those Planned Parenthood Videos. See, when a PR flack calls you up or e-mails you to say, “Do not show this video,” and there’s no libel suit attached, you’re supposed to say, “To hell with you,” and show the video. But now we know better. Democratic PR firms think they can tell news networks what they should and shouldn’t air. Which patient’s privacy is being violated by the video?....... pledges of Planned Parenthood’s president as being a bunch of bull.

It’s news.

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