Friday, July 24, 2015

Atlas Shrugs

Obama Will Help Protect Iran’s Nuclear Program From Sabotage - Jihad in the White House. This isn’t ill-conceived, this is evil. The USA is under siege by a traitorous and malevolent executive branch. If some rational actor, namely Israel, takes much-needed action to stop nuclear war — America is going to protect and defend Iran?

Generation Kill: New VIDEO The Child Soldiers Of ISIS, “Give me My Weapon!” - Look at this child. Remember him. This is your children’s future. This is who your children will face in the future. These children are being trained to kill. These children are being schooled in the sharia and jihad. Our children are being disarmed and misled about the genocidal ideology behind this war. Sheeps to slaughter.

You Won’t Believe Today’s The New York Times Front Page - The New York Times dedicated its front page to the questionable discovery of a long lost Quran in, of all places, the UK. The New York Times blew up their front page in order to maximize the opportunity to report on something (anything!) Islamic other than slaughter, oppression and persecution — no matter how silly and dubious the story.

Deleting the Chattanooga Jihad Murderer’s Jihad Activity from the Internet - While the media talks about “depression” and a morphing fictional “mental illness” narrative advanced by his terror-tied family. If everyone who got depressed, smoked a joint or downed a highball slaughtered innocent civilians, everyone would be dead. Muhammad Abdulazeez was a devout Muslim waging jihad in the cause of Islam. Here’s the ISIS back-story on the Chattanooga jihadi:

Islamic Texts and Teachings That Kill - But Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said, “To refer to [the Islamic State] as occupying any part of Islamic theology is playing on a battlefield that they would like us to be on. To call them some form of Islamic gives the group more dignity than it deserves.” Dignity? If the Islamic State is not Islamic, what is it? How did this misunderstanding of Islam become so widespread? If we won’t identify the threat, we cannot address and defeat this genocidal ideology. The fact is that millions of Muslims across the world support jihad — they may not strap a bomb on, but so what? I support the US military. I don’t wear a uniform, nor am I an enlisted service member, but they have my undying...

Islamic State vows to “fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies” - They are telling us. Most explicitly. And their religion tells them so. “Islamic State vows to ‘fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies,’”

Help liberate the Christian and Yazidi captives of the Islamic State - I received this message from Alexia Maman, the Director of an important organization known as CYCI: The Liberation of Christian & Yazidi Children of Iraq. Please follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, and support their worthy mission.  Since ISIS took over Mosul, Iraq, thousands of women and children have been brutally raped, abused, and sold as sex slaves. Because Sharia’h law forbids a Muslim man from engaging in intimate relations with a Muslim woman before marriage, Christian and Yazidi women and children have been used as commodities at the mercy of ISIS militants. Whilst they are in captivity, they are being malnourished and are living in extremely inhumane conditions, being forced to sleep in cages at...
FBI chief: The Islamic State is recruiting in all 50 states - Obama’s “Junior Varsity” team is here and recruiting in all 50 states. FBI director James Comey said, “What worries me most is that ISIL’s investment in social media, which has been blossoming in the last six to eight weeks in particular, will cause a significant increase in the number of incidents that we will see. That’s what I worry about all day long.” So why are we importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims? Why not halt Muslim immigration? The hostile invaders are here — why bring more in?  “Their message,” he said, Fox 13 reported, “is travel to the Caliphate, their so-called Islamic wonder world. Join us here in Iraq or Syria, and if you can’t travel, kill somebody where you are. Kill...

“When we behead them and see blood gushing from them, it heals our breasts” - Jihad carrying his wartime manual — the quran. More religious tweets calling for the slaughter of non-Muslims based on their holy book.

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