Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Featured Article - A liberal is... - By Tom Trinko
A liberal is someone who thinks the Third World's problems can be fixed by killing enough brown babies and who calls people who object to that "racists." A liberal is someone who thinks tax increases on businesses are paid out of the secret stash of cash all businesses hide in their basements. A liberal is someone who thinks prayer in school is obscene but who believes that schools should teach Nietzsch.  More

The Cold Civil War - Sally Zelikovsky
As your neighbors celebrate the gay marriage decision with rainbow-colored flags and Facebook friends rainbowize their profile pictures, remember: there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, More

America's Radical 'Foremost Intellectual' - Jonathan Keiler
Is Ta-Nehisi Coates is really America’s go-to intellectual on race for the liberal elite, or a convenient out for progressives who want to be politically correct and not think too much? More

Don't Make Donald Mad - Peggy Ryan
Rick Perry, John McCain, Lindsey Graham. Who's next on The Donald's list? More

Abortionism and the Banality of Evil - Bruce Walker
How casually these Planned Parenthood administrators discuss the economic utility of the bodies of those tiny humans they kill! More

Selecting a Nominee: Why Not Laura? - Jon N. Hall
Parties exist to save voters from themselves. Convention delegates need to be able to do an “intervention” and override the selections of primary voters. More

Knowing What We Can't Not Know - John Horvat II
The problem with the modern world is that we have taken away so many of those institutions and means that normally help people apply natural law well. More

In Praise of My Hispanic-Background Students - James Arlandson
When conservatives engage in over-the-top rhetoric, we lose the gentle powers of persuasion and reason, the short-term battles and long-term war of ideas. Immigration is only one example. More

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Liberals: Mankind has evolved to the point where jails no longer needed The "tough-on-crime" crowd are now the hard-right radicals who want criminals locked away. More

Progressive liberals reveal their true character Cook County officials are taking the gloves off. More

Civil Society Torpedoed: Restaurants can't refuse service It's all part of the overall collapse. More

Justice Kennedy did not settle the marriage debate - The Democrats may want to listen to what "non-white voters" are saying... More

GOP working hard on phony bill to defund sanctuary cities - They want to look like they're doing something, but the something they are doing won't change a thing. More

How About a Little Good News - Things look rather dark. But we have been in darker places before. More

How to Stop the Iran-Nuke Deal The Senate must intervene. More

Five years, eight months since 'Allahu Akbar' rang out at Ft. Hood - Jihadist monster Nidal Hasan still breathes while on death row at Ft. Leavenworth. More
I forget...which party has control of the House and Senate? - Please explain why the Republican congress can’t – or won’t – do anything to stop the Iran nuclear deal. More

Obama won't let Congress see all of Iran nuclear deal - Congress to be kept in the dark on two key issues. More

Planned Parenthood undercover video no. 2 - How much is aborted fetal tissue worth? $75? $100? Or the price of a Lamborghini? More

Obama denies IRS deliberately targeted Tea Party - Airbrushing history just like any good little totalitarian. More

If we bring a vision of peace and a nuclear-free Iran to the fight, they'll bring a gun...and more weapons -Guns – and nuclear weapons – in the hands of Iranians are fine, apparently. In Americans' hands, especially Republicans', not so much. More

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