Monday, July 13, 2015

Just Like Everything Else From The Left Their Outrage is Selective and Phony!

His Name Was Amari Brown, By Timothy Davis

Amari Brown was just standing outside in Chicago on the 4th of July. He wasn’t threatening anyone. He was just a kid outside, probably enjoying some fireworks. Then tragedy struck. Amari was slammed in the chest by a bullet that killed him. He was only seven years old.

Seven years old. He won’t grow up. He won’t go to college and get a job. He will never play in the park again. His life was cut short by an act of pure evil. A family lost a child. This is yet another case of Chicago’s gun problem, and yet another death ignored by the left.......We all remember Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and all the other people whose deaths (justified or not) have caused mass riots and calls for police to be disarmed or simply abolished. The left has made sure we remember them. They have been religious in making sure that the calls for justice are loud, and that everyone knows the police are to blame for this, regardless of the circumstances. We all remember the terrorist attack in Charleston and the calls for gun control after it was over. So why aren’t we hearing about justice for Amari?......

These victims don’t fit with the left’s narrative. Our liberal friends would prefer to live in a world where every white person is racist and the only homicides committed are committed by whites against blacks. They can’t accept the fact that adult black males are more likely to die from each other than they are from white cops. If there are no political points to be scored, then death no longer matters. How sad. How sickening.......To Read More....

The brutal killing of Kevin Sutherland in the Washington, D.C., subway on July 4, does much to undermine popular leftist tropes, in this case, race, crime, guns and drugs, just as the murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco challenges liberal immigration policies. Sutherland was beaten and stabbed to death on a Metro train by a drug addled African-American teenager in the middle of the day in front of about a dozen other stunned passengers.

Sutherland’s killer, 18 year old Jasper Spires, shares many characteristics with more famous and lionized Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, except that while the latter two were shot to death by armed men in the midst of physical assaults, Spires took full advantage of his unarmed victim (and other passengers) to complete his crime and survive, and is now in custody. The mainstream media and leftist politicians have mostly downplayed the incident, since Spires cannot be caricatured as a victim of white racism. Indeed, the problem for the media is that in almost every respect, this encounter shows the utter inanity and hypocrisy of many of their favored talking points and positions.....For liberals, the murders of Kevin Sutherland and San Francisco’s Kathryn Steinle are evidence written in blood of the foolishness and callousness of their worldview. For the left, some ghoulish murders like those in Charleston are worth exploiting, while others are best ignored, lest people actually start thinking about the way things really are, instead of the interpretive, narrative world that liberals live in……To Read More….

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