Friday, July 24, 2015

Jeffrey Sachs And The Shell Game of UN Sustainable Development

“The real secret of magic lies in the performance.” ~David Copperfield

By Elizebeth Yore July 23, 2015

He’s Back! Like a bad penny, Jeffrey Sachs, keeps showing up at the Vatican as its favorite environmental expert, even though he’s not a scientist, climatologist, or meteorologist. Don’t fret. Sachs is an expert in all things, just ask him……. What is this magic potion called Sustainable Development with miraculous powers to restore this overpopulated, overheated, inequitable, and inclement world back to the Garden of Eden? It resides in the latest, most radical UN plan to impose carbon taxes and regulations on the developed world, in order to reduce the soaring population of the developing world, i.e., Africa. Simply put, Sachs and his UN minions create a phony climate crisis, blame people for it, tax them into submission, and promise utopia. Presto!

Every magician hopes for a naive audience. Sachs and the UN found theirs in this eco-obsessed Vatican. This week, the Vatican audience will be eagerly awaiting more predictions and promises from Sachs. He will waive his disappearing handkerchief and POOF! Hunger, poverty, human trafficking, inequity, rising seas, polluted air, and yes, overpopulation will disappear. Jeffrey Sachs, the UN’s Mr. Sustainable Development, returns for his 7th environmental performance at the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Social Science (PASS), as the master illusionist of the UN Sustainable Development shell game……To Read More….

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