Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cause and Effect - or - Dumb and Dumber

Benny Peiser's Global Warming Policy Foundation Reports That Crippling High Energy Costs’ Resultiing in 720 UK Jobs Losses At Tata Steel.
My Take - These losses, whether it's in jobs or money, were completly predictable. These so-called "alternative energy" schemes were based on totally false information that has been fed to the public by corrupt academics, businessmen, news media and politicians. The real question we need to ask is this: Why aren't some of these people going to jail for fraud.

The correct science and understanding has been out there from the beginning. All these economic disasters caused by "green initiatives" were predicted, along with all the public health issues.  We really do need to get this once and for all. To be green is to be irrational, misanthropic and morally defective.

Why do we listen to people with little or no experience in anything except activism and politics - and a degree in liberal arts that qualifies them to ask if you want fries with your burger – and actually implement their ideas?  Why does the world tolerate “leaders” with so little courage to stand up to the lies and propaganda from this movement and their myrmidons in the world’s leading institutions and information deliverers?

Well, I know the answer.  We have given up on real education.  We have given up on history. We have given up on traditional values.  And without the solid foundation of traditional values Judaic/Christian imparts to a society we'er being washed back and forth like waves against the rocks with every new leftist philosophical flavor of the day. 

We have lost our minds, and I wonder at the sanity of those in leadership positions who support this clabber. They're at the center of the information world.  How can they not know the turth?  If they do - and they must - then why do they abandon it?

‘Crippling High Energy Costs’ Blamed For 720 Jobs Losses At Tata Steel - Tata Steel blamed green taxes and cheap imports as it announced 720 job cuts at its speciality steel business in the UK. The steel maker said the business – which supplies sectors such as aerospace and construction – had been hit by the UK’s “cripplingly high electricity costs”, which are up to more than double those of its European rivals. --Amy Frizell, The Independent, 17 July 2015

EU Decarbonisation Policies Could Cost UK Steel Industry £300 Million A Year - The EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) could cost the UK steel sector more than £300m a year by 2030, according to a new report from the industry. Trade body UK Steel and trade union Community have issued a joint warning about the need for reform of decarbonisation policies, particularly the EU’s flagship policy, the ETS. If left unchanged, the EU ETS will reportedly add nearly £30 a tonne to average steel production costs by 2030. In an interview earlier this year, EEF’s Susanne Baker, warned that large UK manufacturers could be forced to move their operations overseas if decarbonisation continued to be a competitive disadvantage in the UK. --Edie News, 16 July 2015

Pope’s Encyclical Intensifies Political Debate Around Climate Change - Two contrasting British takes on Pope Francis’ landmark environmental encyclical, “Laudato Si’,” are the latest examples of how the pontiff’s call for a lower-carbon, lower-impact future has launched a global conversation about the role of religion in environmental policy talks. In a brief paper published yesterday by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a British climate change skeptic group, Church of England Bishop Peter Forster dismissed Francis’ encyclical as naive and overly simplified. “To us the encyclical is coloured too much by a hankering for a past world, prior to the Industrial Revolution,” the Bishop of Chester and [Lord Bernard Donoughue, a Labour] member of the British House of Lords wrote. While Forster is taking Francis on, a British Islamic group is praising the encyclical. --Scott Detrow, Climate Wire, 16 July 2015

Anglican Bishop And Labour Peer Criticise Laudato Si' - A prominent Catholic layman and a Church of England bishop have criticised Pope Francis' encyclical on protecting the environment, Laudato si', as advocating policies that are more likely to hinder than advance the cause. The Labour peer, Lord (Bernard) Donoughue, and the Bishop of Chester, Peter Forster, claim “the encyclical is coloured too much by a hankering for a past world, prior to the Industrial Revolution, which is assumed to have been generally simpler, cleaner and happier”. In 2011, the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s annual lecture was delivered by Cardinal George Pell, who Pope Francis has asked to oversee Vatican finances. The cardinal has yet to give a public response to the encyclical. --Christopher Lamb, The Tablet, 15 July 2015
Forster and Donoughue: Pope Francis Is Naïve On Climate Change - Overall, the encyclical strikes us as well-meaning but somewhat naïve. Its gentle idealism longs for a world in which cats no longer chase mice, a world in which species do not kill and eat each other (most do), a world in which species no longer become extinct, despite the firmly established scientific fact that most of the species that have existed have already become extinct through the normal operation of the evolutionary process. Much of what he recommends in his “ecological spirituality” — a regular day of rest, an economic market that is our servant and not our master, and a proper recognition of the rootedness of human life in the wider natural world — is valuable and commendable. But to regard economic growth as somehow evil, and fossil fuels as pollutants, will serve only to increase the very poverty that he seeks to reduce. --Peter Forster and Bernard Donoughue, Church Times, 17 July 2015

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