Tuesday, February 17, 2015

When The Clintons’ Doctor Embraces Pseudoscience

By Alan Levinovitz | February 6th 2015

Pudgy and recovering from heart surgery, Bill Clinton needed someone to optimize his health. Hillary Clinton knew just the man for the job, and in 2005 introduced him to Dr. Mark Hyman, whose expertise they credit for Mr. Clinton’s current svelte physique. The three are reportedly personal friends, and discuss everything from childhood obesity to healthcare policy. (Mr. Clinton even blurbed his last book.)  It isn’t just the Clintons who listen to Dr. Hyman. Despite having contributed nothing to medical science—unless you count his "UltraWellness Center" a contribution—Hyman is massively influential. He features in Fed Up, Katie Couric’s documentary about obesity. He appears regularly on CNN, Today, The View, and Dr. Oz. And for those who question his bona fides, he can point to his new position as director of the renowned Cleveland Clinic’s “Center for Functional Medicine”……To Read More…..

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