Monday, February 23, 2015

Disturbing Parallels: Banzai and Allah Akbar

by Anita Folsom on February 19, 2015

 Here are the headlines:

“Civilians Massacred!”
“Contest to Kill 100 Civilians with a Sword!”
“Hospital Bombed!”

Do these lines describe the Middle East today? No, they describe atrocities in China 75 years ago. The Japanese had invaded China in 1937, and until the end of World War II in 1945, the Japanese Army cut a path of murder, rape, and destruction across the conquered territory. In Nanking in January, 1938, historians estimate that at least 40,000 Chinese civilians were killed.

Each conquest of new territory in China meant that the Japanese military believed it could do anything, even though its victories came against disorganized Chinese fighters with antiquated weapons and few leaders. The myth of Japan’s power and strength against the world continued to grow, at least in the minds of the Japanese themselves. They knew that the U.S. had only a token military presence in the Pacific. Japanese leaders believed that Americans were a decadent, soft people…….To Read More…..

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