Friday, February 27, 2015

From the Washington Examiner

Get Washington out of the education business - By Washington Examiner
The federal government has long resisted real evidence and limitations when it comes to education.

China has been patiently trudging toward a goal of replacing the U.S. as the world's dominant power by 2049.

The Walker-Christianity coverage only shows he needs to get better at handling pointless media questions….

The settlement comes at a time when colleges are being sued for not giving students adequate due process.

Elimination of the corporate income tax would boost the American economy by 6 percent in the long run…..

The debate could last months, and it's not certain Congress will even vote on the issue.

The next battleground in the debate over global warming could be your dinner plate.

But it is not clear whether the new support will achieve a "sustainable political outcome."

"[N]o Fed has had the oversight it needs over the years. The Fed's been too independent," said Sen. Shelby.

A diverse coalition has joined forces to jumpstart long-stalled efforts to get sentencing reform at the federal level.

Hillary Clinton has signaled that the focus of her campaign will be women's issues and "the middle class."

Doors opened for Hillary mostly after Bill was elected Arkansas attorney general.

"I wouldn't be conflicted by any legacy issues of my family," Bush said.

"The descendants of immigrants rapidly assimilate into America's political culture," the study asserts.

Subsidized exporters are flooding Capitol Hill today to lobby for renewal of the Export-Import Bank.

"I think she clearly understands this time the significance of having a woman president of the United States."

After transitioning to a private sector career, Cantor is re-emerging as a GOP political power player.

The vote is only the beginning of an onslaught of legal challenges to treat Internet as a public utility.

The Castro government was put on the list in 1982 for giving refuge to FARC rebels and Basque militants.

"If somebody's working for ICE and they don't follow the policy, there's going to be consequences to it."

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