Thursday, February 12, 2015

Media liars Brian Williams: Selective Outrage and Double Standards

Larry Elder | Feb 12, 2015

If Brian Williams, the anchor and face of NBC News, goes, others should march right out the door behind him.

Williams, in 2003, filed a report about his experiences in Iraq. He accurately reported that a helicopter an hour in front of his took fire from an RPG. But over the years the story morphed into Williams claiming that his helicopter took an incoming RPG and other small arms fire. Other stories Williams told and filed are under review, including apparently exaggerated or false claims filed or stated during Hurricane Katrina. Williams claimed he saw a dead body floating in the street outside his New Orleans hotel, and that his hotel had been assaulted by gangs. Neither of which apparently is true.

Due to concerns about the credibility of the $10-million-a-year newsreader, NBC announced Williams' six-month unpaid "suspension." Now six months is forever. When his replacement, the capable Lester Holt, settles in, soon it will likely be, "Brian, who?"
But what's the moral to the story -- that we hold reporters to a high expectation of accuracy and journalistic integrity? Really?....To Read More......
My Take - Recently on the O’Reilly show he commented that he felt sorry for Williams, so he had a segment he called “Are you vindictive?” where he cited e-mails from listeners regarding "Media Liar" Brian Williams, and their comments.  I capitalized “Media Liar” because it should now be a category for all news shows and conservative sites.  At any rate, one of his listeners commented that he was glad this happened to Williams, whereupon O’Reilly donned his self-righteous hat and pontificated that was vindictive because wishing bad things on people is wrong, whereas he – being all warm and fuzzy – was only sorry Williams was suffering – and if had been innocent I would have agreed.  He wasn’t! 
The listener he quoted never once said he wished ill on him ahead of time.  That would have been vindictive.  He was merely glad he was exposed!  All this showed to me (once again) is what a phony O’Reilly really is.  His interviews are intellectually short, he fails to recognize logical fallacies and follow up on them and it appears to me he’s really intimidated by the really rich, really smart, really influential and really powerful, because he doesn’t talk over these people, which is his normal procedure, preventing them from demonstrating how much they know versus how little he knows.   And those are just a few reasons I normally I don’t watch him.    

For the record.  I’m glad this happened to Williams because more and more of William’s lies are finally being exposed and this is beginning to spread over media outlets everywhere and everyone in public life.   This wasn’t about being vindictive.  It’s about justice being served.  I’m glad because he’s reaping what he sowed - lies, distortion and I can’t help but call it for what it was – leftist propaganda! 

The media, Hollywood, unions, State Department and eventualy the OSS, which became the CIA, became infested with Soviet agents, communists, socialists and fellow travellers going back to the 1920's.  We know that from the VENONA intercepts and papers that were released after the fall of the Soviet Union.  So when you consider the devastation the leftist media has wrecked - whether it was the Alar Scare, DDT, or any number of highly emotional stories that were blatantly false - can anyone explain to me why this isn’t a form of treason?   Can O'Reilly pass up the emotional sefl-righteousness and give me a logical reason why everyone shouldn't be glad this happened to Williams?  I wonder if he feels sorry for Alger Hiss for being exposed as a communist agent along with the Rosenbergs? 

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