Friday, February 13, 2015

From Pam Geller's Site: Atlas Shrugs

The Islamic State Kidnaps 12 Christians in Libya - The Muslim fighters of the Islamic State kidnapped a dozen Christians and executed them because they were Christian – but Obama say, the Islamic State is not Islamic. Terror in the White House. Obama armed and aided these savages.  Libya – this is the poison fruit of Obama’s handiwork in that once stable country. Look at the world in 2008 and look at it now. Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq ….. and Obama’s obsession is his hatred for the Jews and the arming and legitimizing of the world’s largest sponsor of terror, Iran.  Why is it the enemedia never questions Obama’s Libya catastrophe? Read the whole entry »

45 jihadists guilty in Belgian trial - Will the islamophobia never end? Europe may very well be doomed, but they are cracking down. Too much, too little, too late, I’m afraid.  An Antwerp, Belgium, court found 45 people a group that sent jihadists to fight in Syria guilty Wednesday of terror-related offenses.  It called the organization Sharia4Belgium a terrorist group and sentenced Fouad Belkacem, its leader, to 12 years imprisonment. The others, convicted of various offenses in a trial which began in September 2014, received suspended... There is still time for America.  While Europe is prosecuting them, Obama is appointing them to key positions. Read the whole entry »

Sen. Orrin Hatch: Obama’s Islamic State Plan is “Utterly Stupid” - Obama inherited a stable Iraq and Afghanistan. Who let the dogs out? Gumby did. President Gumby, spineless, gutless and aligned with the jihad force. A declaration of war with no boots on the ground. And who can trust him? There was no Islamic State before Obama. His refusal to address the jihad threat has emboldened and empowered them. It’s not utterly stupid, it’s deliberately stupid. President Obama sent his proposal to Congress on Wednesday as to how to combat the Islamic State. The proposal has received criticism from both sides of the aisle. The Hill reported that Obama’s proposal would all U.S. troops to...Read the whole entry »

Muslims Planned to Stab Blondes in the Necks and Kidneys in Foiled Aussie Jihad Plot - Savages. In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Defeat jihad. I took a lot of heat for that ad — all the handwringing about calling jihadis savages. Even still, the elite carry water for these monsters. “Oz Terror Plan To Stab Blondes In The Kidneys”,…… PM Tony Abbott tells MPs he has seen a video stating what two suspects planned to do in Australia, to show their support for IS. The suspects were arrested following a raid at a home in Sydney.  Two men charged with planning a terror attack in Australia planned to stab their victims in the kidneys and neck, according to Prime...Read the whole entry »

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