Monday, February 23, 2015

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Pamela Geller, WND Column: The Obama Doctrine – Target the Right - Obama stormtroopers ignore jihad, target right - Exclusive: Pamela Geller blasts White House for ‘designating Americanism a terror threat’ - Obama’s war on “countering violent extremism” turns inward – on Americans. CNN reported Thursday that “a new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism.” The DHS report unveils the Obama doctrine – ignoring the jihad and targeting the right – in a deliberate demonization of an increasing...Read the whole entry »

Charlie Hebdo memorial attacked in Paris four times in two weeks - For the fourth time, a memorial shrine in memory of the 17 people killed in jihad mass murder by three Muslim gunmen in Paris last month has been vandalized and destroyed, proving yet again that many Muslims support the sharia, support the slaughter of those who do not adhere to Islamic law. It is hardly “fringe” and just a “few.” Over 500 Muslims attended the Islamic burial of the murderer. The creator of the memorial said, “When this happened before, we repaired the damage without saying anything, but this is too much.” Why did they say nothing? Why sanction such vicious hate? And why be surprised when it continued to happen — when the victims stayed silent? Silence is sanction.  This speaks to...Read the whole entry »

Catastrophe: Museum of Islamic Jew-Hatred to Open in Washington DC- A museum in Washington, DC dedicated to Islamic Jew-hatred. Just when you think you’ve heard and seen it all. Cultural jihad. Nakba means “catastrophe” in Arabic — that is what they call the establishment of the tiny Jewish state. There are close to 60 Muslim countries, but G-d forbid the Jews have a place called home. Their never-ending war against the Jews is unchanged by time and modernity. That’s the true nakba. Until the Muslim world accepts and welcomes a Jewish state and the equality of non-Muslims, nothing will change. What the world needs is a museum dedicated to Islamic Jew-hatred and the history of Jews under the boot of Islam. This is the norming of hatred and legitimizing the big lie...Read the whole entry »

Detroit Muslim assailant will not be charged with a hate crime despite stabbing non-Muslims after asking if they were Muslim - Let’s understand where we are — a Muslim who stabbed two non-Muslims asking they if they were Muslim will not be charged with a hate crime, but Obama and his mujahadeen are calling a parking dispute shooting a “hate crime.” This is the problem with “hate crime” and “hate speech.” Who decides what is hate and what isn’t? CAIR? “Detroit Muslim assailant will not be charged with a hate crime,” By Carol Brown, American Thinker, February 22, 2015 - This past week a Detroit man who is a Muslim stabbed two people at a bus stop after asking them if they were Muslim. The stabbing part came after they responded that they were not. After the attack, law enforcement was viewing it as a...Read the whole entry »

WATCH: Islamic State releases a new video of Kurds in cages moments before their murder - Any day, another savage Islamic video. (Video thanks to American Infidel)- Before interviewing six of the prisoners, a Kurdish Islamic State fighter told Kurdish Muslims that the Islamic State does not seek to harm them, but only the “disbelieving secularists” among the Kurds. Non-practicing Muslims would be slaughtered. Tell us again, Mr. President, how this war is not Islamic. “This is a message is to the Kurdish Muslim people. We say to you that our war is not against you but it is against the disbelieving secularists from among the Kurds, because they drive you to the fire with disbelief and atheism.”  According to the...Read the whole entry »

Co-Conspirators Muslim Student Associations (MSAs) Against “Countering Violent Extremism” Measures - Despite Obama’s summit to dawah and the spread of Islam under the guise of “Countering Violent Extremism” Muslim student groups (tied to terrorist orgs, of course) are widely denouncing the weak and diluted programs to fight terror. Any attempt to stop the islamization of America will be met with aggressive and hostile pushback by Muslim supremacists. They expect us to just lie down and submit. Anything less is “islamophobic.”  Obama’s “CVE” was just soft, it was embarrassing; but such accommodation to Islamic demands gives way to more demands. MSA, Muslim Brotherhood student groups named unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation’s history,...Read the whole entry »

VIDEO: Islamic Group calls for jihad attacks on malls in new video, DHS Secretary says malls in America not safe - You know what this means — President Obama will go before the American people, again, and proselytize for Islam. Islam is peace and all that tripe. The only thing that equals Obama saying Islam is not Islamic is Department of Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson warning those of us going to the mall that it’s not safe and “to be particularly careful” after a Muslim terrorist group called for attacks on U.S. and U.K. malls.  If DHS can’t protect us at the malls, why do we need a Department of Homeland Security? To target patriots and constitutionalists? SITE reports: The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement, al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, released a documentary-style video on the September 2013 raid at the Westgate Mall...Read the whole entry »

Islamic ‘radicals’ at the heart of British political machine - “Entryism” — when a political party or institution is infiltrated by groups with a radical agenda — seems to have infected the Democrat party here as well. Baroness Warsi is a notorious jihad sympathizer and vicious anti-semite (the two go hand-in-hand), so while this is hardly surprising, it does, nonetheless, pose a grave threat to England. It is so bad that Fiyaz Mughal is the “moderate” voice of reason opposing these jihadists, and frankly he has the same agenda. So it all borders on the ridiculous.  That said, there is little difference between the infiltration described here and the “entryism” of CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, et al into the Obama administration and all US government...Read the whole entry »

Brigitte Bardot on trial again for insulting Muslims - The irony: the icon of France, beauty, fashion, sex, allure — has been prosecuted six times for insulting Islam. With Brigitte Bardot goes France.  “Brigitte Bardot on trial again for insulting Muslims,” WND, February 20, 2015:  Former film star Brigitte Bardot, France’s iconic blonde bombshell and “sex kitten” who reigned supreme from 1952 – 1973, is currently on trial for the fifth time for insulting Muslims and “inciting racial hatred.” Bardot has been fined four times and has also received suspended jail sentences.  Now, the prosecutor, Anne de Fontette, wants a heftier fine and a tougher sentence: the equivalent of $24,000 and a two month (hopefully) suspended jail term.  What crimes has Bardot...Read the whole entry »

Minneapolis ISIS recruit: “May Allah keep our intentions purely for Allah” - Atlas reader Kamala has informed me that this is the twitter feed of Hamza Naj Ahmed, a Minneapolis Muslim teenager who was recently arrested for trying to join the Islamic State — Robert Spencer wrote about him here. If you scroll down, you’ll see over 600 tweets (or retweets) stretching back to July 16 of last year. The article below says he has posted over 18,000 times on Twitter.  Kamala writes: “What’s interesting here to me is just how much he loves Islam, and what a good Muslim he’s trying to be. Wouldn’t most Muslims look at his tweets and just think, ‘what a great Muslim?’ Does he get anything about Islam wrong? Our politicians love to...Read the whole entry »

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