Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Land and Water USA

Two Opening Salvoes - Jim Beers
As the Obama Administration enters its’ final two years, there is a great deal of consternation about what these two years will hold. There are many areas of concern:

  • - Foreign Affairs, Alliances & Growing Nuclear Weapons’ States
  • - Confronting Islamic Terror
  • - Increasing Taxation, Deficit Spending and a Gargantuan National Debt
  • - Federal Growth in Power, Cost and Intrusion into our Daily Lives
  • - Increasing Irrelevance of State and Local Governments...
Animal“Rights”and Perverse Incentives - Jim Beers
There is perhaps no other area of American jurisprudence, with the possible exception of“Endangered” Species and Wilderness, that was begun with high-sounding and almost moral goals that soon morphed into increasingly evil results than the Animal “Rights”/Animal Welfare body of laws and regulations at all three (federal, state, local) levels of government. I want to go beyond the apparent effects of:

  • - Increased costs of medical testing.
  • - Negative effects on state wildlife programs.
  • - Negative effects on dog owners and dog trainers.
  • - Increased costs for livestock/dairy operators.
  • - Unmanaged wild horse and predator populations ...
The following recent abstracts or summaries of 2 scientific papers and a news report are worth the attention of all those that are or will soon be living in Lower 48 States areas occupied by wolves. Please take the time to read them and the short comment that follows them.

A Romance Novella about Wolves - By Jim Beers
A Letter to the Editor of the Washington (DC) Post re: a 5 January 2014 article by Jane Goodall on WOLVES.

That Jane Goodall writes lurid nature propaganda (For wolves a struggle to survive, 5 Jan.) about select species is no surprise: that The Washington Post publishes such stories as factual about wolves is surprising……

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