Monday, February 23, 2015

From the American Council on Science and Health

"Food Babe" or food poisoning - which is more harmful? - We have taken "The Food Babe" to task multiple times for her charade: posing as a scientifically-literate source, acting in the best interests of her followers. In fact, she's a metaphor for "anti-science hype and fear" according to columnist James Fell. Read more.

A really clever approach to stopping HIV - in simple language -  Thirty-four years into the AIDS epidemic, all attempts to create a vaccine against the virus have been dismal failures. Thanks to a group at Scripps, this may change.
Read more.

Paul Offit with a different take on the measles vaccine - How is it possible to reconcile the clash of mandatory immunization and religion? ACSH trustee, Dr. Paul Offit, discusses this very sensitive topic in his New York Times op-ed, "What Would Jesus Do About Measles?" Read more.

Large study shows that HPV vaccination is not associated with an increase in sexually transmitted infections - Many parents are reluctant to have their teenagers get the HPV vaccine because they fear that vaccination for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) may encourage unsafe sex. A new study shows that this is not the case. Read more.

Bad bugs in NYC subways? Worry more about bad people (and bed bugs). - Attention has recently focused on a study of the genetic fingerprint, or DNA, of microorganisms found on and in NYC subways. Genetic evidence of bacteria linked to bubonic plague and anthrax found. Should NYers (or anyone) be concerned? No. Read more.

FDA approves new treatment for diabetic eye disease - Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and a leading cause of blindness in American adults. For those individuals suffering from this condition with diabetic macular edema, there's a new treatment available. Read more.

CBS News in the sewer: Groundwater "teeming" with pharmaceuticals? Hardly. -Sensationalist headlines sure do get attention. If the headline actually matched the science behind the story, approximately zero people would read it. This CBS piece is not only misleading, but intentionally so. Read more.

Elevated BMI associated with progressively higher risk of diabetes mellitus complications, study finds -  A new study finds that—especially in older adults—the association between excess weight (measured by BMI) and risk of complications from diabetes is even stronger than we had previously thought. Read more.

Predicting imminent death from cancer: A difficult, but important discussion - At a time when physician assisted suicide, healthcare costs, and fundamental changes in the way patients will or will not receive coverage are being considered, a new study provides a valuable tool for predicting when death from cancer is imminent. Read more.

Menopausal symptoms last over 5 years quite commonly, up to 14 years - A new study shows that the duration of menopausal symptoms among women with "frequent vasomotor symptoms" of hot flashes and night sweats is much longer than previously thought. Read more.

We're fixated on Vitamins? It says so, in the New York Times! - Do the "synthetic" vitamins in processed foods cause us to eat poor diets? That's one theory we think doesn't stand up to rational examination — unless you run the NYTimes op-ed page. Read more.

New GMO labeling bill introduced amidst the approval of a GM apple - A bill introduced in Congress called the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act would require the FDA to mandate labeling of foods containing GM ingredients by manufacturers. This would result in more confusion. Read more.

The Madness of the War on E-cigs - What has led America's public-health leaders to engage in a mass assault on electronic cigarettes when smoking continues to be our number-one preventable health problem? There is clearly a hidden agenda. ACSH's Dr. Ross has an op-ed on the subject here!

Canadian doctors are calling for homeopathic vaccines to be taken off the market - Some naturopaths and homeopaths claim totally ineffective alternative remedies are just as effective as vaccines. Although these products require a warning label, Canadian health officials argue that labeling is not enough. Read more.

For a scientifically unsound discussion about GMOs, watch Fox News' Sunday Housecall - If you think you're getting accurate information from Fox News' TV medical chat, Sunday Housecall, you may want to think again. A segment discussing the recently approved GM apples (among other things) gets the facts wrong and ignores the science. Read more.

Has the DGAC bitten off more than it can chew? - The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has expanded its coverage of topics well beyond food and nutrients to parameters such as 'Food Sustainability' and 'Food Environment and Settings.' Have they bitten off more than they can chew? Read more.

DNA tests of rare disorders approved by FDA - Carrier screening is a type of genetic testing performed on couples to see if they may be at risk for passing a genetic disorder on to their children. In a reversal of an earlier ruling, the FDA is easing restrictions on these DNA tests. Read more.

Many Florida Keys residents needlessly concerned about the safety of GM mosquitos - Last month we wrote about a biotech company's plan to release GM mosquitos into the Florida Keys to combat mosquito-borne illnesses. Although government officials and academic experts assure residents of safety, locals remain skeptical. Read more.

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