Monday, February 23, 2015

Goon Squad Fails To Distract Public From Fact That Climate Models Stink: Update 3

February 22, 2015 / Briggs / 45 Comments

The New York Times’s Science Squad. Notice the superior rival paper, which is undoubtedly used as a crib.  Our continuing walk through Summa Contra Gentiles is postponed until next week. Feel free to pass this around, but only in its entirety and with a link back to the original.  All my efforts to educate reporters were in vain. It turns out they’d rather remain wallowing in their muck than learn about the subjects on which they write. The worst examples are Justin Gillis and associate at the far left New York Times.  So I failed. I was a fool to try. I let myself forget that I was dealing with a class of people where the gap between actual and perceived ability is not only wide, but is a gaping chasm. To expect mainstream science reporters to understand science is like asking an environmentalist to be reasonable. I should have remembered most journalists suffer from reporteritis, the degrading ailment whereby because reporters cover important people and events they come to believe they are important, too. Sadly, there is no known cure. Here’s the story…….To Read More……

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