Friday, June 13, 2014

The Terrible 10 reveals the lessons of history and how to reverse this folly!

The Terrible 10
A Century of Economic Folly

The U.S. economy made impressive gains in the 20th century, but this progress makes it easy to forget a harsh reality: Americans were also the victims of disastrous government policies that cost trillions of dollars in wasted resources, created mass unemployment, and kept millions in poverty who otherwise could have participated in the nation's growing prosperity. Government decision-makers, regardless of political party, have tended to favor short-run benefits for friends while imposing costs on current and later generations. The ten worst blunders divide equally among Democrats and Republicans. The Terrible 10 provides more than an identification of the worst policies. It provides lessons to help avoid repeating such blunders and for developing policies that might extricate us from the lingering costs that those wasteful policies spawned.

  • Prohibition: The War on Booze Monetary Policy During
  • The Great Depression: How to Turn a Recession into a Depression The Hawley-Smoot Act: Holy Smoke, We Started a Trade War!
  • Social Security: America's Greatest Ponzi Scheme?
  • Tax Follies: The 91-Percent Solution
  • The Nixon-Burns Political Business Cycle: How to Create a Decade of Inflation
  • Environmental Mismanagement: How to Make a River Burn and Other Magic Tricks Government Failure and
  • The Great Recession: Turning the American Dream into a Nightmare
  • Decades of Deficits: The Real Red Menace Read the
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