Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Is the America's Power Grid in Crisis?

Per my last Newsletter note, this is a special correspondence about the situation with the US EPA trying to fundamentally undermine the foundation of the US Grid.

Here is a simple short document where I have condensed a few dozen reports and articles.  This is rather disturbing since the US Power Grid has been called the most significant engineering accomplishment of our time!  Put another way, the Grid's success may well be the single most significant contributor to the technical and economic success of the United States.  Yet there are now political forces purposefully trying to undermine that meticulously constructed foundation — and their unabashed justification is that we need to do penance for our past successes.

Yes, we are being led to the woodshed — and the basic reason is that we have become prosperous. On the other hand, abundant, reliable and economic energy is what separates prosperity from abject poverty.  We can sit back and accept these political decisions being made in our name, or we can get educated and then speak up. The next generation's standard of living hangs in the balance.


John Droz, Jr.
Physicist & Environmental Advocate

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