Friday, June 13, 2014

Hagel: Freed Taliban Not Directly Involved in Attacking Americans; McKeon: Neither Was Bin Laden

By Patrick Goodenough June 11, 2014

Defending the administration’s controversial swap of five high-level Taliban detainees for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told a House panel Wednesday the freed men had not directly taken part in attacks on Americans – and was reminded that neither had Osama bin Laden.

“They were mid- to high-ranking members of the Taliban government, of the Taliban. So yes, they were part of planning, but my point was we have no direct evidence of any direct involvement in their direct attacks on the United States or any of our troops,” he told the House Armed Services Committee……To Read More…..
My Take - What insane logic these people come up with. That's like saying Hitler had nothing to do with murdering all those civilians in the concentration camps because he isn't the one who actually killed them. Or Stalin and Mao had nothing to do with murdering tens of millions of their own citizens because they didn't actually carry out the murders themselves. 
The left keeps claiming they're smarter than the right.  Maybe they're right.  Just think, in order to come up with the insane reasoning they use – and clearly believe -  must require immense intelligence, and incredibly flexible moral code, and inordinate indifference to the facts and a total unwillingness to see – or accept - the ultimately disastrous consequences of their actions.  What mental gymnastics they must go through daily!  All done in order to make insanity seem rational!
So .....let's see if I understand this correctly ...... the left is smarter than the right because they're insane? Did I miss anything?

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