Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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BIG NEWS Part III: The notch means a delay

Dr David Evans shows that the discovery of a notch filter implacably means that the effect coming from the Sun occurs after a delay of 10 -20 years (and most likely 11 years). There is also a low pass filter at work. Getting these elements right is vital for any climate model to work.  This is where the edge of what's known is unfolding…….

The Puzzle. The Puzzle! What could be causing the mysterious delay and notching effect? Why is it that solar irradiance seems to correlate with temperatures after a ten year delay? David and Jo go through the possibilities and find (after months) the extraordinary likely answer to the factor that causes the delay. Hasn't anyone figured this out before?

In the end, the answer was so prosaic, so beautiful รข€“ of course, the only possibility for a delay so perfectly timed with solar cycles was from within the sun itself. Have we been fooled by a language slip? ‘Peak’ solar activity doesn’t mean a ‘peak’ in magnetic activity.

At the peak of the sunspot cycle, while the sun is producing its maximum solar irradiation, it turns out that the magnetic field is collapsing through its weakest moment. This is a big clue to figuring out what Force X is -- whatever it is that cools the world

There is much to be figured out, and we're doing our best online. Come join us........

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