Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fox News drinks the chemically-treated Kool Aid

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We were rather perturbed to see a piece by Julie Revelant on this week called “10 Ways to Rid Your Body of Toxic Chemicals.”

It is full of advice that runs the gamut from questionable to just plain incorrect . Rather than a detailed discussion, here are our responses to some of their claims:

Claim: Choose organic fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat to reduce your exposure to nasty pesticides and hormones. Organic foods are grown or produced with (sic) the aid of pesticides or antibiotics (she obviously meant “without”, but hey! why worry about grammar when there’s all that “science” to consider?).

ACSH response: The amount of pesticide residue found in or on foods is minuscule, and has never been shown to harm anyone. Also, the organic food industry uses pesticides—just different ones. One is called rotenone, which is on the approved list for organic designation simply because it is naturally occurring—an irrelevant fact. Rotenone is more toxic than most synthetic pesticides. The World Health Organization calls it “moderately hazardous” to humans, and it is extremely toxic to marine life.

Claim: Hit the gym. Toxic chemicals are actually stored in the body, and one of the most effective ways to break down the fat cells and flush the chemicals out is through regular exercise…..To Read More…..

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